dance 造句

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Mary can dance.玛丽会跳舞.


They danced in the party last night.他们昨晚在派对上跳舞.

I love music that I can dance to.

i usually have dance and piano lessons after school.我通常在放学后有舞蹈和钢琴课

we can dance around the hall.we can dance in the hall.

用dance 的现在进行时,将来进行时,过去分词造句. 谢谢 They are dancing on the square.They will be dancing at 10 o'clock tomorrow morning.They haven't danced since 2 years ago.

She like swing dance best.她最喜欢跳摇摆舞.

You are born a dancer.你天生就是一个舞者.

skate---skating , swim---swimming, do---doing, draw----drawing, watch---watching , sing----singing