in ruin造句

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in ruin造句


he expose her son on the ruinhe是主语.expose是谓语.her son是宾语.on the ruin是地点状语

没有 in ruin . 只有 in ruins : 成为废墟 ruin [名词]1. 毁坏; 破产; ***; 彻底毁掉in a state of ruin 破败不堪to fall or go into ruin 毁灭to be on the brink of financial ruin 处于

这是我觉得很好的字典里的~ ♦ ruin /r'uːɪn/ (ruins ruining ruined)1[VERB] V n To or been destroyed.One dead child was found in the ruins almost two hours after the

ruin n. 不可数名词,应该是: in ruin

The library is in silence silence 英[in ˈsailəns] 美[ɪn ˈsaɪləns] [词典] 安静地,无声地; [例句]They walked on in silence for a while 他们继续默默无语地走了一会儿.

Our plans lie in ruins. 我们的计划失败了

in trouble:处于不幸中/处困难中 you are in trouble.你处在困境之中.Just call me whenever you're in trouble.什么时候你遇到麻烦,就给我打电话.When you are in trouble, they will help you.当你有困难的时候,他们将帮助你.

The library is in silence now.

n silence沉默地[网络短语]in silence 在沉默中,在缄默中,静静地In silence 默默地Out in the Silence 寂静的呐喊,有声胜无声,喊山Do not suffer in silence. 不要在沉默中