should sb do造句

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你好!instuct that sb should do 介绍某人应该做的

He fails to win the game,while he should do more exercise every day. 他输掉了比赛,他应该每日多做练习.

1. there will be 根据表达的需要,在There与 be之间用上恰当的情态动词can,may, 随着中国经济的飞速发展,黄河上将有另一座桥. 2. let sb do:让某人做某事;要注意的

should不是应该的意思吗 sb. should do sth

You should 后面直接加动词+名词.例 You should do the homework by youself .

Our teacher commanded that we should listen to the teacher carefully.

should you wish to do something你应该做些什么吗should you wish to do something你应该做些什么吗

you should hand in your homework on shouldn't go to bed too late,it's difficult for me to finish this work.

1 Tom should be allowed to watch TV.2 Tim should be allowed to play games.3 I think students should be allowed to chat on line.4 You should not be allowed to get your ears

I think you should drink more milk 我认为你应该多喝牛奶 He told me that I had to clean the classroom 他告诉我,我得打扫教室 hope to do (不能说hope sb. to do sth,如果